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Table of Authors & Illustrators by Key Stage:


Over the past six years we have worked with over 100 authors and illustrators and have great confidence that their visits to your school will inspire and enlighten students of all ages.


Our Catalogue is long and ever growing, so if you have any questions or would like help navigating their splendid array of talent, all you need to do is ask. Feel free to peruse the list below and select any authors or illustrators who may be of interest over the year (we often book events 3 - 12 months in advance). We can then provide you with further information on their particular events, fee schedules and availability.


If you don't see the person you are looking for in our Catalogue, simply contact us and we will source them for you.



Author's Name







Guy Bass






Sophia Bennett




Malorie Blackman, Children's Laureate 2013 - 2015




Irena Brignull





Andy Briggs





Eileen Browne





Peter Bunzl






Melvin Burgess





Emma Carroll






Anne Cassidy





Simon Cheshire





Lauren Child, Children’s Laureate 2017-2019



Horatio Clare






Cat Clarke





Lucy Coats


Joseph Coelho, Poet



Richard Collingridge (Paris)



Jo Cotterill





Dave Cousins



Joe Craig





Keren David





Stephen Davies


Juno Dawson





H.L. Dennis






Tony DeSaulles


Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate





Patricia Elliott





Jane Elson





Abi Elphinstone






Kathryn Evans





Maz Evans





Ciara Flood




Martyn Ford






Joe Friedman






Sally Gardner



Giancarlo Gemin






Morris Gleitzman (Australia)




Candy Gourlay




Sarah Govett






Sara Grant





Jennifer Gray





Simon James Green





William Grill





Simon Guerrier





Alwyn Hamilton




Frances Hardinge




Jane Hardstaff





Eleanor Hawken





Harry Heape






Sam Hepburn





Zehra Hicks





Margaret Bateson Hill




Curtis Jobling

Gareth P. Jones



Liz Kessler




Joshua Khan





Lou Kuenzler




Josh Lacey





Tanya Landman


Derek Landy (Ireland)





Estelle Laure (USA)





Caroline Lawrence





M. G. Leonard






Steve Lenton



Saci Lloyd




Abie Longstaff




Bonnie Macbird (USA)





Bridget Marzo




Sarah McIntyre



Dave McKean





Cliff McNish




Kiran Millwood-Hargrave




Geraldine Mills (Ireland)





Ross Montgomery



Thiago de Moraes




Rebecca Morgan





Helen Moss






Tamsyn Murray


Sarah Mussi





Linda Newberry





Kiera O’Brien






Christian O’Connell





Mo O’Hara





William Osborne





Louise O’Neill (Ireland)





Giles Paley-Phillips





Garry Parsons

Tom Pollock





Non Pratt





Bali Rai





Mike Revell






Chris Riddell, Children’s Laureate 2015 - 2017

Andy Robb





David Roberts



Katherine Rundell






SF Said





Kate Saunders





Loretta Schauer




Emily Sharratt






Nikki Sheehan




Ally Sherrick






Emma Shevah






Nikesh Shukla





Alexander Gordon Smith





Dan Smith




Maudie Smith





Ali Sparkes





Matt Spink




Martin Stewart





Paul Stewart




Lucy Strange






Amanda Swift





Lydia Syson





Mimi Thebo




Lisa Thompson





Teri Terry





Piers Torday




Jeannie Waudby





Ross Welford






Alex Wheatle, MBE - The Brixton Bard





Matt Whyman





Philip Womack





Katherine Woodfine






Alex Woolf




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