Budgets & Timing

Budget & Timing

All authors and illustrators have their own fee schedules and event criteria so costs will depend on whom you choose.


As a rough guide, sessions typically run as follows:

Single session from £250 - £350…

Half day (2 sessions) £300 - £450…

Full day (3 - 5 sessions) £450 - £650+

Travel expenses, accommodation and VAT may also apply, depending on Author/Illustrator.

Book sales and signing are always included with our events at no extra cost.

Time allowance (including book signing): most events KS2 and up require 1.5 hours off timetable; Early Years and KS1 only require about 1 hour off timetable in total. We always do our utmost to fit in with school’s needs while meeting the author’s/illustrator’s event criteria so everyone can get the greatest benefit from our events.

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