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Irena Brignull's Hawkweed Legacy Book Tour!


5 June - 19 June 2017

9781408341704 The Hawkweed Prophecy by Irena Brignull


Orchard | Paperback £7.99 | Book 2 Published 1 June 2017


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From renowned screenwriter, Irena Brignull, comes her second novel in the Hawkweed cycle:

The Hawkweed Legacy.


Irena will be touring schools in the UK this June giving a fascinating talk about her writing career which spans a wide range of genres and media. In her talk, she shares her experiences, film clips, insights and practical tips on how to develop different writing skills needed to create prose and dialogue for page, stage or screen. She also leaves an excerpt from one of her novels for students to adapt into a live action scene of their own after the event. (For more about Irena see below.)


Fee: WAIVED! During the publicity book tour Orchard will cover the author's travel and accommodation costs and there will be no fee. In exchange they would expect excellent promotion of book sales ahead of the event and for the parents of all attending students to be informed that books will be available for sale and signing. (PGBB will provide schools materials to assist with pre-event publicity, on-line and in-school pre-ordering, etc.)

Audience: Minimum size 150 + (no maximum) the more the merrier! Ages 12+


Equipment Requirements: PowerPoint facilities, with sound and video. Clip microphone for large audiences.




Irena Brignull's credits for screenwriting include the Oscar nominated family film, The Boxtrolls, the animated Netflix film, The Little Prince, and the adaptation of David Almond’s award-winning novel, Skellig. Before that Irena was a Script Executive at the BBC and then Head of Development at Dogstar Films where she was the script editor on hit films including Shakespeare in Love, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, I Capture the Castle and Bravo Two Zero to name a few.

Irena holds an BA in English Literature from Oxford University and now lives in London with her family.

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Hawkweed Prophecy (Book 1)

A bewitching story of two girls, an ancient prophecy and one throne. It explores classic themes of identity, destiny and first love, combined with a winning magical narrative.


Two outcast girls whose lives are twisted by an ancient prophecy. Who will be queen of the witches? The babies were born as the clock struck twelve. A bat fell from the air mid-flight. A silver salmon floated dead to the surface of the river. Snails withered in their shells, moths turned to dust on the night breeze and an owl ate its young. The spell had been cast.


Poppy Hooper has managed to deceive her father into believing that there is nothing mysterious or unnatural about her. He ignores the cats that find her wherever she goes, the spiders that weave beautiful lacy patterns for her, even her eyes - one blue, one green with an extra black dot orbiting the pupil.


Ember Hawkweed, on the otherhand, is a pitiful excuse for a witch. When the other girls in her coven brew vile potions, Ember makes soap and perfume. Fair and pretty, Ember is more like a chaff than a witch.


Bound by their unlikely friendship and the boy they both love, the girls try and find their place in the world. But the time of the prophecy draws nearer - and the witches won't give up the throne without a fight.


The Hawkweed Legacy (Book 2) - Published 1 June 2017

Poppy Hooper doesn't want to be the queen of the witches. But some problems can't be left behind. Some love stories can't be forgotten. Some friendships won't be broken. Some enemies won't stay dead...

The battle for the throne isn't over yet...




“Irena Brignull's The Hawkweed Prophecy is a book of wicked, beautiful magic. Compulsively readable and delightfully gritty, one does not mess with these Hawkweed witches.

— Kendare Blake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood and Three Dark Crowns


'...It’s a fantasy with the air of a classic, yet one that’s also entirely contemporary in its tight focus on identity, friendship, and romance. Ages 12–up.” — Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review


"Wise, weird, a touch evil and totally charming, Irena Brignull's tale of magic in our time is as rich and complicated as sisterhood. From the first page, I felt drawn into a modern classic." — Anna Godbersen, author of the New York Times bestselling Luxe series and Bright Young Things series


"Brignull's The Hawkweed Prophecy is a deft exploration of friendship, sacrifice and betrayal. I can't decide who I love more, the sweet and trusting Ember or the spunky, dark Poppy... I was completely absorbed in the sinister, complicated world of magic and witches. The coven is described so confidently and beautifully, it's hard to emerge from the novel without wondering if these women are operating somewhere just below the surface of our world...

[Readers] will find themselves staying up all night just to spend a little more time with Ember and Poppy."

— Madeleine Roux, author of the New York Times bestseller Asylum

9781408341896 The Hawkweed Legacy by Irena Brignull
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