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MAY - JUNE - JULY 2017

Dream Magic by Joshua Khan


Scholastic | Paperback £6.99 | Book 2 Published 6th April 2017


If you would like JOSHUA KHAN to visit your school for a free event, please contact us here

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Exit, light. Enter, night. Lilith Shadow and Thorn are back with Joshua Khan's sensational second book: Dream Magic!


Always dark, now Castle Gloom is hit by a black nightmare. Lily must fight back. But she can’t wake up from a mysterious web of dreams…


Lilith Shadow is no stranger to the dark side. Her family ruled over spooky critters of the night for centuries. Now Lily is growing into her powers as a fully fledged princess of darkness. (OK: she’s not totally nailed it yet, but she’s learning on the job.) Still, Lily’s darkness has never been evil. Yet evil seems to be rising. Trolls attacking the castle; huge spiders kidnapping villagers; a plague of zombies on the loose. What’s going on? Hmm: maybe it’s to do with an evil sorcerer known as the Dreamweaver. Our advice: DON’T sleep on the problem. Once you snooze, you’re lost…


- Hugely acclaimed series set in a dark gothic world

- Lilith is a wonderfully strong and different heroine

- Thorn is an anti-hero as appealing as Robin Hood

- Perfect for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant and Septimus Heap

“A fantasy world you will lose yourself in.” - Rick Riordan



Joshua is a brilliant and humorous speaker adept at engaging young people with his subject and shining a light on the histocal and present-day implications of his themes. In this book tour, he will explore the genre of Fantasy and question its rules:

  • The Anti-fantasy Fantasy - challenging the cliches of traditional fantasy tropes
  • Passive Heroine vs the Self-Rescuing Princess
  • Right vs Wrong and the role of the Anti-Hero
  • Cultural identity and the history of immigration


Joshua is available to visit schools for multi-year group assemblies. Multi-school audiences are also welcome if you wish to invite neighbouring schools to attend. (If you are interested in supplementing his free book tour visit with paid creative writing workshops, please see below for more information.)


Fee: WAIVED! During the publicity book tour Scholastic will cover travel and accommodation costs and there will be no fee. In exchange we would expect excellent promotion of book sales ahead of the event and for the parents of all attending students to be informed that books will be available for sale. (PGBB will provide schools materials to assist with pre-event publicity, on-line and in-school pre-ordering, etc.)


Audience: Minimum size 200 - 300+ (no maximum) the more the merrier! Ages 9 - 11 years old, Yrs 4 - 6.


Equipment Requirements: PowerPoint facilities.



SHADOW MAGIC is a new epic fantasy adventure for upper middle grade readers. Told via the alternating points of view of Lilith Shadow and Thorn, it will appeal to both boy and girl readers, especially those who love Rick Riordan's PERCY JACKSON books and Anthony Horowitz's GATEKEEPERS series.


Lily Shadow, 13-year-old princess and ruler of Gehenna, lives in Castle Gloom, an immense and windowless citadel. Once Lily's ancestors commanded spirits, communed with the dead, and raised armies from out of the grave. But now her country is about to be conquered by the Shadows' ancient enemies, the Solars, lords of light, and Lily is not permitted to use magic, because she is a girl. But she has hidden talents, and secret agendas of her own…


Thorn is a peasant boy, wily and smart, phenomenal archer and bat whisperer, who is sold into slavery to House Shadow’s executioner Tyburn. He'll agree to just about anything to earn his freedom including mucking out the royal stables. When Lily is nearly poisoned by an unknown assassin, she and Thorn join forces and embark on a dangerous quest to save Gehenna, a weird and wonderful land of haunted castles, mysterious forests and an unforgettable giant bat.

Together they must unravel a twisted plot of betrayals, pride and deadly ambition.



"If you are pining for that thrill you felt when you first discovered Harry Potter, let me recommend SHADOW MAGIC. Here is a fantasy world you will lose yourself in -- with Six Great Families of magic, the nicest princess of darkness you've ever met, a peasant boy with skills to rival Robin Hood, and a supporting cast of zombies, paladins, ghost puppies, executioners, minstrels, murderers, and a giant hero bat.

I defy you not to love this story."

- Rick Riordan


"Zestful, dynamic and addictive, SHADOW MAGIC is storytelling at its most exuberant. Joshua Khan sweeps you up on the very first page and never lets you go. Close shaves, high adventure, wild fantasy, and giant bats--this book has it all. I haven't had this much fun in ages. Sit back and enjoy the ride!"

- Jonathan Stroud


"Working together but never losing sight of their individual objectives, Thorn and Lily uncover surprising truths about their families. Despite the gloomy setting, this book vibrates with hope. Short chapters filled with action, appealing characters, and cliff-hanger endings make this fantasy the kind of book readers will find hard to put down. Recommended for all middle grade collections."

- School Library Journal (starred review)




Joshua Khan was born in Britain to Pakistani parents. He now lives in London with his family, but he’d rather live in a castle. It wouldn’t have to be very big, just as long as it had battlements!

Joshua has spent much of his adult life travelling the world. From very early on he filled himself with the stories of legendary heroes and vile monsters throughout time, across this world and beyond, until there was hardly any room for anything else. He can tell you where King Arthur was born but not what he himself had for breakfast. In his travels, he’s been chased up a tree by a rhino and accidentally eaten the ashes of someone’s grandmother (with ice cream!).

So, with a head stuffed with tales of high adventure it was inevitable Joshua would create some of his own!





If you are having Joshua Khan visit your school as part of his book tour, why not make a full day of it and have him stay to give two creative writing workshops as well? (Fess apply for workshops.)


When working with smaller classes, maximum 30 students, Joshua can adapt his themes to fit your objectives including:


  • The Origin of Ideas: The importance of writing about things you feel strongly about, e.g., Joshua loves history and is a father of daughters, so he writes strong female characters to inspire new leaders
  • Creating Heroines: Strong female leaders from Cleopatra through Elizabeth I & The Rani of Jhansi to Malala Yousafsai, advocate of education for girls
  • Legends: How they inform us and influence our stories today from King Arthur and Robin Hood, to Hercules and Rama



Superhero Workshop

  • The sun god Apollo and Superman
  • Batman and Hades -the grim judge of the Underworld
  • The madness of Hercules and the Incredible Hulk
  • What makes a hero or heroine?
  • Who are your heroes?
  • What superpowers would you wish for?
  • Creating a story from scratch using writing and roleplaying, and heroes!




Practical ideas about creative writing covers the following:

  • Conflict:


  • internal (the enemy is one’s self)
  • external
  • Macbeth (an example of the internal conflict)
  • Characters such as James Bond (an example of external conflict)


  • The Character Arc: how heroes and villains change over a story


  • Punchy Writing:
    • Absorbing your surroundings picking out the small details to enrich your writing


  • A review of Action Verbs: replacing dull verbs with exciting ones!
  • Engaging Your Senses: students do exercises to fill their stories with more than just what they see
Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan

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